Living in Costa Rica

More and more North Americans are looking for a place to start a new life.

There are many reasons to invest in Costa Rica. Whether you want to retire in Costa Rica, or you are pursuing one’s current profession in a new market. Many people fantasize about a place where the cost of living is more affordable, the pace is more humane, and the government is less prone to declare war. Parents of young children may long for an environment where kids can be immersed in another language and culture, one that emphasizes basic human values over relentless accomplishments and achievements.

Why Invest in Costa Rica?

  • There are more than 200 multinational companies that operate in Costa Rica.
  • Exceptionally talented and bilingual young workforce. On average 95% of the employees in multinational companies are local.
  • Preferential access platform to 1/3 of the world’s population, and 2/3 of worldwide GDP. 90% of goods exports through free trade agreements.
  • Excellent business climate based on a renowned democratic tradition, economic and political stability.
  • 93% of energy is renewable; electricity costs are low and guaranteed. Redundant telecommunications access.
  • The quality of life in Costa Rica is high. Safest country in Latin America; and one of the top 5 environmental performers.

Stable Government in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a politically and economically country. Costa Rica has one of the most stable democratic governments in all of Latin America, and Costa Rica has an economy that has long attracted foreign investors. Multinational corporations with branches in Costa Rica include Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, Monsanto, and Pfizer. Big and small companies come to Costa Rica because of the solid telecommunications network, a very educated workforce, and a high standard of living.

Start a Business in Costa Rica

It’s easy for a foreigner to start a business in Costa Rica.  Many foreigners are successful in the tourism sector, starting a restaurant business, a hotel business, or starting a tour business. Although there are Costa Rican laws and regulations to learn about, in general there are fewer constraints on businesses in Costa Rica than in other countries.